KPMG is at the forefront in Digital Technology Strategy & Consulting and Digital Change Management services: HFS

Digital Technology Strategy

‘KPMG has the brains and brawn to support major transformation engagements,’ HFS states.

‘KPMG has the brains and brawn to support major transformation engagements,’ HFS states.

KPMG has been named in two new reports by HFS Research Ltd. as a leading global service provider in both Digital Technology Strategy and Consulting, and Digital Change Management.

The HFS Top 10 Digital Technology Strategy and Consulting Services 2018 report was based on feedback from 300 enterprise clients in addition to research by HFS. The report  - assesses the “innovation and execution performance” of leading global service providers and their ability to help organizations “navigate the complex digital business environment.”

The HFS Top 10 Digital Change Management Providers 2018 report assesses the digital-change capabilities of leading global service providers across what it calls the “critical components” of digital transformation, including: adoption of AI and robotics; trusted partnerships; customer and employee engagement; and the ability to drive true digital change and business outcomes.

Solving today's business challenges through a 'developed digital narrative'

“Succeeding in today's complex digital environment requires the breaking down of organizational barriers to align people, processes, operations, and systems to deliver the enterprise-wide customer experience strategy,” says Julio Hernandez, Global Head of KPMG's Global Customer Center of Excellence. “The challenges for businesses are very real and so are the exciting opportunities emerging through these strategic transformations.”

“Enterprises are looking for help navigating the digital mists, so for the right service provider, the opportunities are enormous,” says Jamie Snowdon, HFS Chief Data Officer and author of the HFS Top 10 Digital Technology Strategy and Consulting report, calling  KPMG “a major consulting player” that's bringing a “developed digital narrative” to businesses pursuing the challenging transformation journey.

The HFS Top 10 Digital Technology Strategy and Consulting report highlights key strengths that are setting KPMG apart in today's global market, including:

  • Strong analytics capabilities. The report praises KPMG for “developing a strong analytics practice with the goal of supporting enterprises in visualizing processes and developing actionable business data.”
  • Scale and breadth. The report states: “KPMG has the brains and brawn to support major transformation engagements with delivery centers in most key regional locations across the globe.”
  • An extensive talent pool of experts, ranging from traditional consulting practices to growing digital capabilities.

The HFS Top 10 Digital Change Management Providers report praises KPMG's Connected Enterprise and its “vision for a customer-centric, digitally enabled enterprise,” and spotlights key KPMG strengths that include:

  • The ability to combine emerging technology trends with the experiential KPMG Innovation Labs and multi-disciplinary Ignition Centers when designing, building and delivering digitally enabled solutions for clients;
  • The KPMG Connected Enterprise playbook and the ability to “bring digital to life”;
  • The ability of KPMG's Change Frame platform to ensure changes are sustained by engaging all stakeholders;
  • An “industry-oriented approach” that delivers digital change-management capabilities based on specific sector needs and objectives  - rather than “generic” perspectives.

The report also notes the effectiveness of KPMG's innovation process through the collaboration of: global labs, R&D, Ignition Centers, functions and practices support by “KPMG's domain and industry experience”. HFS also singles out KPMG's Ignite portfolio of AI capabilities and advanced D&A, which “fuels its capabilities to empower innovation.”

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