The growing influence of non-financial issues, including environmental performance and social impact, is reshaping the business landscape, affecting financial performance and long-term business success.

Companies are under increasing pressure to manage these aspects to protect and create corporate value, and to communicate the value they offer society. These non-financial issues are bringing new risks and opportunities with significant implications for corporate value creation.

We work with organisations to help them manage the risks and opportunities associated with non-financial issues, and to enhance all aspects of reporting and communication. We also provide assurance services over all non-financial disclosures to enhance the credibility of reported information.

How we can help

Our services include:

  • Workplace health and safety advice and compliance;
  • Environment;
    • Environmental impact assessments
    • Carbon measurement, reporting and compliance
    • Environmental due diligence and compliance
  • ESG and responsible investment;
  • Climate risk;
  • Sustainability strategy & reporting; and
    • Sustainability reporting and assurance
    • Materiality and risk assessments
    • Valuing environmental and social performance
  • Human rights and social impact
    • Human rights advice
    • Social baseline and social impact assessments