Bermuda often sees the start-up of new regulated firms, that are subject to specific regulatory requirements. Challenges often arise in ensuring Board composition, remit and activities align to regulations, are appropriately proportionate and drive business benefit – and ensuring that Board governance ramps up appropriately as business activity grows in the early years post commencement.

Also, changes in Directors, shareholder and the passage of time can also require firms to review governance and Board arrangements, to ensure the Board remains match fit to regulatory and/ or business demands. 

How we can help

Our Board Advisory team is made up of governance, risk and strategy professionals who can assist you and your Board, to:

  • Review existing Board and governance arrangements and make recommendations for improvements to align to regulatory and/ or best practice;
  • Assist with the development of Board management information and meeting packs, recommend ways to improve the way in which the Board supervises and overseas business activities, risk management and decision making; and
  • Provide tailored Board training, and/ or Board induction training for new Board members, to assist in the understanding of the requirements of Board Directors and hot topics relevant for Directors.

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