Organisations face challenges with the ever-increasing complexity and range of regulatory risks and requirements. An effective Compliance framework provides a level of comfort that new regulatory requirements are identified and new/ existing regulations are complied with on a timely and ongoing basis, organisations need to ensure that:

  • The compliance framework is designed, and operating, in a way that provides comfort that regulations are being identified and managed appropriately and with sufficient visibility; and
  • The Compliance function is effective in its role, as a second line of defence, in facilitating, overseeing and challenging risk management activities within the business

How we can help

KPMG assists organisations establish effective Compliance practices and systems. KPMG also assists with providing a health check that your Compliance framework and Compliance function are operating in a manner that aligns well to industry practices. We deploy a team of compliance professionals supported by appropriate industry and technical practitioners and a sophisticated knowledge management system.

Our experienced team is also able to help with benchmarking your Compliance framework and Compliance function against good practices, bringing practical insights on areas for improvement to industry practices and ideas that are proportionate and practical to implement. We help clients:

  • Conduct compliance risk assessments;
  • Conduct a maturity assessment of the Compliance framework and Compliance function’s capabilities and leverage our extensive experience to compare against industry benchmarks; and
  • Develop practical plans for attaining risk management objectives and recommending improvements on how the Compliance framework and your Compliance function could develop its approach and practices.

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