The continued focus on corporate behaviour, evident from ESG initiatives and the emergence of regulation related to the conduct of business, has placed an increasing emphasis on corporate behaviour. Also, the effective implementation of corporate strategy requires alignment of staff, at all levels, to the corporate goals and values, to ensure strategic implementation succeeds. Often, organisational culture and values are overlooked by firms as a fundamental component of corporate success and achievement of goals. Organisational culture, and ensuring appropriate risk and control behaviours and culture, are key to ensuring the conduct and behaviour of staff members at all levels, aligns to the desired behavioural outcome desired from the Board and corporate stakeholders, including regulators, customers and shareholders.

How we can help

Our Board Advisory team is made up of governance, risk and strategy professionals who can assist you and your Board, to:

  • Advise on how to develop organisational values and culture that meets your needs, and how to implement appropriate processes to set, monitor and assess organisational culture and values;
  • Assess the existing culture and make recommendations on ways to align culture to your business needs; and
  • Develop frameworks to set, monitor and assess risk and control culture within the firm.

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