Regulatory and changing risk profiles often require the development of existing policies and creation of new policies to ensure the policy framework remains complete and adequate to meet the demands placed on the business.

Firms often face the challenge of having policies in place, but a lack of process and framework to ensure appropriate staff awareness/ training, oversight, monitoring and assurance to ensure adherence to policy requirements. 

How we can help

Our Board Advisory team is made up of governance, risk and strategy professionals who can assist you and your Board, to:

  • Review your existing policy suite and compare to typical/ regulatory requirements, advising on additional policies that may be appropriate to ensure completeness and meet your requirements;
  • Review specific policies to ensure they are complete and accord to regulatory requirements and best practice;
  • Advise on and prepare policies that you require on specific areas to accord to regulatory requirements and best practice; and
  • Assess the procedures and frameworks that you have in place to ensure ongoing policy compliance, including staff training and awareness, clarity on policy requirements and what may be a policy breach, policy monitoring and assurance and reporting on compliance with policy requirements

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