Boards and individual directors have a critical role to play in the governance, risk and strategy oversight of their organisation. As business and society evolves, Boards must be able to navigate the challenges and opportunities to ensure the sustainable growth of their business. This involves juggling the needs of multiple stakeholders in an increasingly interconnected world.

Boards must be operating effectively, be fully cognisant of their collective and individual responsibilities, able to make informed decisions based on an understanding of the key issues impacting their business strategy and be supported by robust governance frameworks.

How we can help

Our Board Advisory team is made up of governance, risk and strategy professionals who can assist you and your Board, to:

  • Benchmark and improve current governance frameworks against better practice;
  • Undertake Board and Board Committee evaluations that identify areas of strength and weakness in skills, behaviours, board meeting effectiveness, board reporting, board composition, stakeholder engagement, risk and strategy;
  • Undertake Audit and Risk Committee evaluations that identify areas of strength and weakness and ongoing effectiveness against prevailing best practice;
  • Assist with development of board support tools including board documents, policies and processes that underpin a robust governance framework of risk management, strategy formulation, monitoring and assurance
  • Undertake tailored board training around risk, strategy and governance to assist boards to meet their responsibilities.

Thought Leadership

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