Talent development solutions

Helping you deliver learning that expands employee skills and develops future leaders within your organisation.

Investing in talent development creates the opportunity for organisations to develop employees so they can achieve their full potential, align individual objectives to business strategy, increase employee engagement and improve outcomes from a high performance workforce.

We support organisations in their efforts to close skills gaps and create a workforce capable of moving the organisation forward.

About KPMG Learning & Development

Through our distinctive experience in learning and coaching in the workplace, we support organisations in achieving enhanced business success through their most valuable asset – their people.

At KPMG Learning & Development, we:

  • work with senior management, HR professionals, department heads and team leaders to develop and implement talent development strategies in leadership, development and communication; and
  • deliver courses focusing on enhancing critical skills for the workplace.

Creating customised programmes

We offer a menu of courses and consulting services to give organisations flexibility in how they provide learning experiences to their employees.

Prior to advising clients on talent development matters, we take the time to ensure that we fully understand the context and reality that our clients are operating in. This ensures the talent development initiatives that we recommend and deliver are truly aligned with our client’s business strategy and supports them in achieving their business goals.

While employees may be highly technically competent in their subject area, developing employees ‘horizontally’ based on consistent managerial approaches and competencies becomes essential for the success of any company.

Helping build coaching cultures

We work with organisations to establish high-performance cultures grounded in coaching all employees to reach their full potential. We provide training in how to coach others to develop their knowledge, skills and determination.

Our approach revolves around supporting employees and teams to use their strengths and create accountability. This includes coaching others in identifing what’s working, continually asking the right questions of themselves, imagining what could be, and developing solutions that are realistic and sustainable.

Delivering live virtual open-enrollment courses

With many employees continuing to work from home at least part of the time, we provide training experiences in the form of virtual public open-enrollment courses delivered to employees from different companies.

We offer the below courses several times throughout the year. They are all designed to be 2.5 hours.


  • Coaching for high performance: tips and techniques; 
  • Advanced approaches for coaching individuals and teams;
  • Having difficult conversations that gain positive outcomes;
  • The rising female leader;
  • Time management and working productively;
  • Communicating with impact;
  • Writing email for results; and
  • Presenting and pitching remotely.

For more information on how we can help, contact us at training@kpmg.bm.

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