Facing a low-growth environment, industrial manufacturing CEOs remain keenly focused on the twin transformations underway around digitization and ESG. According to a recent survey of 175 industrial manufacturing CEOs globally, chief executives see digitization as key to driving growth and view ESG as both a talent driver and a factor that will influence their future cost of capital.

The survey also suggests that portfolio reshuffling is expected to gain momentum in the market as players seek to focus on core strengths and divest assets that no longer support their long-term strategy. An uptick in deal activity is likely.

While there may be a cohort that could face significant challenges, those able to emerge from the three recent global crises (a health crisis, a geopolitical crisis and an inflation crisis) should find themselves in a strong position to achieve outpaced growth.

Download the report to find out what is on the agenda for industrial manufacturing CEOs in 2024.

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