With tax in the spotlight more than ever, C-Suite business leaders and boards want visibility into tax, which means tax leaders need to be able to articulate complex concepts in simple terms. Beyond the business, the public increasingly wants to be a part of discussions on tax. There is a general perception that tax professionals have traditionally hidden behind the complexity of their trade, speaking a language that is inaccessible to those without deep technical knowledge. In this new light-hearted series of videos, we hope to help shift that perception and equip leaders with simple ways to talk tax.

Of course, in some aspects, discussions on tax are bound to be as complicated, nuanced and loaded as the economic, national, social and cultural systems in which tax is embedded. When you add globalization, digitalization and geopolitical shifts and the impacts these have on tax, it’s clear why tax leaders who want to speak simply about tax have their work cut out for them.

But it’s work worth doing. Tax leaders hold crucial insights for their businesses and the public at large, which is why we have developed this new series of videos to help break down tax topics in simple terms. As we continue to add to this series, we welcome your suggestions for future topics: tax@kpmg.com.