A suite of digital solutions that are designed to help to address critical challenges and support transformation in healthcare organizations in agile, secure, and scalable ways.

The healthcare sector is at a turning point. Globally, healthcare services are contending with many of the same issues, increasing service demand and costs, shrinking workforces and evolving expectations of healthcare consumers. Many healthcare leaders are turning to technology to try to address these challenges to help deliver more cost-effective, timely, personalized, and accessible care.

How KPMG can help

KPMG professionals can deploy a suite of digital solutions to help clients ignite transformative change in their healthcare organizations. These tech solutions often leverage applications from leading technology, data and services companies. Healthcare leaders can rest assured, that these digital solutions have been implemented and market-tested by leading healthcare organizations around the world. Below are just a few examples of KPMG firms’ digital health solutions:

Liqi Wang, Senior Consultant – Data and Cloud

A cloud-based care facility inspections tool that enables inspectors to flag issues and deliver reports on safety and care quality

Dulani Van Der Broek, Director – Infrastructure, Assets & Places

Care coordination tech solution that helps providers work with patients and their families more efficiently by reducing time spent on administrative tasks

Desmond Baah, Senior Analyst – Audit

A health equity and population health management tech solution that can help identify vulnerable communities and issues affecting health outcomes and connect communities with information and services

Liqi Wang, Senior Consultant – Data and Cloud

An HR onboarding tech solution that helps streamline fragmented processes by creating a single point of entry to help guide new employees through organizational processes an get them on clinic floors faster

Liqi Wang, Senior Consultant – Data and Cloud

A strategic workforce planning tech solution that helps healthcare organizations analyze and model data on service activity, costs and volume to address current workforce challenges and predict future needs

Transformation stories

In the United States, a large regional healthcare system was facing a number of challenges that included the need to further centralize patient registration capabilities at its ambulatory/outpatient locations, optimize healthcare provider schedules, improve patient triaging processes and expand digital care pathways and appointment scheduling.

The organization worked with KPMG in the U.S. on an innovative solution to improve experiences for patients, create a more efficient working environment for staff, and increase revenues. After establishing sustainable access governance, practice operations and specialty working group structures, insights from the patient access optimization analytics tool were used to centralize scheduling, registration, and RN triaging for multiple specialties.

Patient visit types were rationalized from roughly 300 to 13 types and the entire ambulatory practice was aligned to standard visit timeslot durations which reduced the average visit duration by roughly 10 percent without impacting provider time with patients. The following other outcomes were achieved as a result of this project:.

  • 17% ambulatory capacity increase per week
  • 57,000 more ambulatory visits annually
  • 45% increase in YoY patient app use
  • 26% quarterly increase in primary care new patient volume (YoY)
  • 9-day reduction in new primary care patient appointment lag times (YoY)
  • $12-20M USD projected primary care revenue increase

Oslo University Hospital in Norway required a scalable platform to integrate multiple systems and automate surgical scheduling to increase efficiency, help reduce delays and approximately 3,000 cancellations per year, while improving patient safety.

KPMG in Norway leveraged ServiceNow’s low/no-code platform to automate the scheduling of surgeries across the hospital’s three manual systems. The hospital’s initial goal was to save one hour from each surgery done. With 50,000 surgeries done per year a significant increase in efficiency was expected, even before adding advanced use cases with machine learning and predictive analytics, to further improve patient and clinician experiences.

The current target for the project is a 14 percent increase in utilization of operating theaters. The tech solution includes a digital twin that enables the hospital to simulate and prepare for contingencies, such as a sudden influx of patients, as well as to evaluate investment areas for increasing capacity planning in personnel, operating theaters, and equipment.

In recent years, the disability support industry in Australia has become more competitive. Leading providers are streamlining their operations, while still delivering optimal service – and putting customer needs at the core of many decisions.

Providers are facing challenges such as being cost effective; remaining within government-specified pricing structures; having accurate and timely reporting; embracing data for decision making; implementing effective worker and safety screening; and of course, being compliant.

KPMG Australia has implemented the community care coordination solution with a leading disability services provider to streamline administration and regulatory requirements, better engage with its customers, enable efficient service planning and delivery, help with optimization of its workforce, and facilitate the collection of useful data for analysis, among other things.


Our award-winning1-4 transformation, innovation and industry expertise uniquely positions KPMG firm professionals to address market challenges, provide in-depth industry perspectives, and help healthcare organizations around the world improve operations. KPMG’s Connected Enterprise for Health framework and our strong network of alliances with some of the world’s leading technology, data and services companies, gives us the unique ability to both implement a singular digital solution to address a critical organizational need or deliver an enterprise-wide transformation.

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1 2023 and 2021 ServiceNow Worldwide Industry Solutions – Healthcare Partner of the Year award

2 2022 ServiceNow Global Transformation Partner of the Year

3 2022 Appian Partner Award — Transformation Award (outstanding results in global strategic program delivery)

4 2021 Workday Partner Industry Innovation Award, Healthcare (Labor Distribution Enabled by Workday Prism Analytics solution)