Ms Wendy Wardell

Courtwork Director (Deal Advisory)


Wendy has 19 years of Restructuring experience with KPMG. Wendy currently serves as a director in KPMG and is a licensed insolvency practitioner by the IPA and oversees the national Court Work practice. Wendy is, in conjunction with David Standish, the designated KPMG license holder of choice in relation to appointments as trustee in bankruptcy and liquidator of compulsory liquidations. Wendy has a wide range of insolvency experience in both the corporate and personal sectors. Since 1999, Wendy has specialised in personal insolvency and contentious insolvency appointments. She provides the day to day direction and administration of a vast portfolio of bankruptcy and liquidation estates dealing with the affairs of, amongst others, high profile musicians, professional footballers and nationally recognised actors. Wendy has a breadth of sector experience and has, in addition to her role as trustee in bankruptcy of the high profile and high net worth individuals referred to above, she has led the administration and investigations in respect of appointments in motor vehicle and plant hire, professional services, as well a number of service industries. Wendy’s work as a trustee has required her to undertake action and investigations in a wide range of jurisdictions around the world including Spain, Malta, France, China, Honduras and various islands of the Caribbean. Wendy and her team are currently actively administering the estates in bankruptcy of in excess of 700 cases which include high profile individuals. Wendy is carrying out investigations into transactions at an undervalue, actions intended to defraud creditors, activities designed to put assets beyond the reach of creditors and the discovery of concealed assets. Wendy is also engaged in investigations into the conduct of bankrupts both before and during their bankruptcies in order to seek to establish culpability that would warrant the taking of action by the relevant prosecuting authorities to provide protection for creditors from the activities of such individuals by the making of Bankruptcy Restriction Orders. Wendy works closely with expert solicitors to investigate and challenge delinquent directors and the financial gain they have made from companies which have entered liquidation. This is often at the behest of key stakeholders including HM Revenue & Customs.

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