Mr. Chris Morgan

Global Leader for the KPMG Responsible Tax Program

KPMG International

Chris is the Global Leader for the KPMG Responsible Tax Program. He is a regular commentator in the press, as well as on radio and TV, and has led discussions on various representations with HMRC/HMT and also formulated and advised on the introduction of a business tax law for a foreign government. Chris also heads up KPMG’s EU Tax Group in the UK. In this role he has taken cases to the UK tribunals and courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union. He also oversees litigation in may EU countries, in particular for pension funds and investment funds. Chris’ background is in international tax in which he has over 20 years' experience advising on CFC and repatriation, cross-border financing, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, business structuring, commissionaire and contract manufacturing structures, and intellectual property. Chris has been involved in setting up a number of KPMG’s key services. In 1998-9 he project managed the setup of KLegal as KPMG’s sister law firm which later became independent due to SEC restrictions. In 2000 he set up KPMG Intellectual Property Services (KIPs) – a multi-disciplinary offering dealing with all aspects of IP management. In 2003 he set up KPMG’s EU Tax Group. Chris’ clients come from a variety of industries including consumer products and shipping. A significant number are pension and investment funds. Chris is a member of the CBI International Tax Sub-committee and sat in the CBI Tax Forces which produced the 2008 report “UK business tax: A compelling case for change” and the 2013 report “Tax in a global economy, The why forward.” He also sits on the UK branch of IFA and the Tax Law Review Committee.

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