Mark Essex

Director, Public Policy

KPMG in the UK

Mark has a background in strategy. He uses critical thinking, and an analytical approach to come at questions from a different angle.

Mark has been thinking about Brexit for two years. The result was no surprise to him.  

On March 1 2016 he published his forecast: A vote to leave of between 51% and 53%.  

Mark now leads an intelligence team which analyses the impact of Vote Leave on business.  A relentless optimist, Mark is determined to originate upsides from the referendum result.

Mark uses cross-sector experience and original thinking to publish on a broad range of topics focussed on original business models.  These include “Brexit, a perspective on bilateral negotiations”, “the Future of the Grocer”, “Reimagine Care”, “Reimagine Feeding Families” and “Healthcare: A timely strategy for Hospitals to manage demand”.

  • Advisory
  • Brexit
  • Public Policy and Regulatory Change
  • Strategy
  • MSc Integrated Management Systems at The University of Birmingham

  • BSC Mathematics, The University of Birmingham