Sheri Anderson

Global Head of Audit Quality

KPMG International

With over 25 years of experience in the accounting profession, Sheri is a proven and respected leader who is well versed in the global trends shaping the industry. Currently the KPMG Global Head of Audit Quality, she previously led KPMG’s Global International Standards on Auditing Network and served as Chief Operating Officer, Global Quality and Risk Management.

Sheri has extensive international experience and was the Partner in Charge, Monitoring and Compliance in Toronto, a partner in the Audit Quality group of KPMG’s International Standards Group in London and she worked in KPMG’s US National Office Practice in New York. Working from both Germany and the U.S., Sheri has served many global clients as well.

Leveraging her vast industry standards experience combined with her multi-national client support, Sheri is focused on KPMG’s commitment to quality and excellence through a robust and globally consistent System of Quality Management that enhances public trust, builds opportunities for growth and becomes a competitive differentiator for us in the marketplace.

  • Accounting standards
  • Audit
  • Risk Management
  • Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Virginia Polytechnic and State University

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • AICPA member