The world of work is evolving at speed. New workforce models and technology disruption are changing the nature of work, and learning is evolving with it.

The return to work will look different than what was experienced before. Less physical connectivity can result in an increased demand to connect in other ways, whether it be virtually or in a hybrid model. Flexibility is needed to balance changing employee expectations with business goals, but the foundational desire to collaborate, socialize, support and serve remains the same. Getting the employee learning experience right is critical to help create a positive connection between employees’ performance, well-being, and improved business impact.

KPMG Learning Services integrates learning into the everyday flow of work, accelerates the upskilling process, and allows you to offer relevant resources and programs to employees at the time of need, helping to increase productivity through curated learning paths and customized content that is personalized, relevant and meaningful to learners.

Employees and employers both benefit from automated and intelligent features, such as recommendation engines that provide rapid gap assessments and learning suggestions that directly relate to role requirements and everyday tasks. With an increased ability for training in real time, the portfolio of solutions can easily adapt to a hybrid working model by offering increased connectivity, collaboration and interaction that matches the needs of a more digitally enabled, geographically dispersed workforce.

KPMG Learning Services can be easily embedded into your enterprise infrastructure. Built on Microsoft Azure, the platform is integrated with Microsoft 365, utilizes Teams for collaboration and works with Viva, so you can make the most of your technology investments and bring learning to the very core of your organization.

This integration supports the shift towards a more data-driven, evidence-based learning program that links individual learner outcomes to business priorities. The insights gained can help you develop a more agile and dynamic workforce of the future.

Strategy and Transformation

KPMG professionals apply deep business insights to learning strategies that enable you to enhance business outcomes. With data insights and leveraging our analytics capabilities, we work together to transform and align your learning organization to support business outcomes.

Learning Enablement & Analytics Platform

The Learning Enablement & Analytics Platform delivers learning directly in the flow of work, helping to increase time to competency and learner engagement, and delivering analytics-driven insights that help to improve learner outcomes and impact business results.

Learning as a Service

KPMG firms provide end-to-end or discrete learning services to help improve your learning organization’s ability to provide optimized operational capabilities, reduced costs, and increased quality.




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