Family Business Leadership Academy

Building tomorrow’s network of family business leaders

The Family Business Leadership Academy (FBLA) is run by KPMG UK in partnership with University of Leeds

Members of a family business
Are you a member of a family business expecting to take up a leadership, ownership or governance role in coming years?

Whether you’re a NextGen professional in the early stages of your family business career or a NowGen team member with experience already behind you, this unique course could be for you.

Family Business Leadership Academy

Designed by KPMG in partnership with the University of Leeds, it is a powerful combination of practical, real-world KPMG experience with rigorous academic theory and learning. Covering the key areas facing family businesses today, it will help you think about your own personal leadership style and enhance your ability to see things differently.


A rewarding 30-week course

Combining remote and residential learning, tailor-made for future family business leaders.

Invest in yourself now

so you are ready when the time comes to take up the reins at your family business. The biggest commitment is time and focus. The biggest requirement is a willingness to learn and look at things afresh.



“External programs like the Family Business Leadership Academy really help focus your mind and make sure you’re continually learning, and learning from a group of peers that is relevant to you. A few of us have said it felt like a therapy session. That we’ve managed to really open up to each other quite early on. So I think having that professional sounding board is going to be really valuable.”

Aisling McGhee
FBLA participant

“If you want to learn and grow as an individual in your leadership style - then there are other elements of how we are, what our leadership style is, what impact that has on businesses, how we should think about social value and governance as well. I’ve had that directly from the content, but also from the discussions in group work and learning about other people situations as well. Being challenged to think about things a different way - it’s been hard. Some of it has been emotional. And having a group of people who are facing similar issues and discussions has been really really positive.”

Laura Greatrex
FBLA participant

“Overall I found the course extremely informative and very relevant for applying in a practical sense. The quality and mix in the cohort is also extremely valuable to be able to share insights from each others businesses and I have already learned a lot from that. I am really looking forward to the coming weeks and working on my project. Excellent start to the course.”

FBLA participant

What is the learning journey?

learning journey

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What will the course cover?


It will explore all the key issues facing family businesses of today, including:

  • Succession planning
  • Governance
  • Ownership issues and models

Combining KPMG’s deep business expertise and long experience of supporting family businesses, with the University of Leeds’ academic rigour and entrepreneurial acumen, this course is a powerful blend that will propel you to the next stage of your family business career and equip you with the leadership, stewardship and commercial skills you need.

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