It is crucial that your company’s financing is aligned with its strategic ambitions. You may need to refinance existing debt, fund future growth, raise capital to support M&A or just raise debt to address shareholder or balance sheet opportunities.

Equally, in these challenging times, you may want to address liquidity issues or consider interaction with lenders, given the financial stress.

In all these circumstances, we have a team of professionals who can support you.

Our debt advisory expertise

Our team of 30 debt professionals across the UK provides dedicated expertise. It is complemented by KPMG’s global debt advisory network and other specialists within our member firms. The team has experienced advisors, lenders and investors, and has advised on more than £60 billion of financings over the last two years. The team has expertise in various sectors and markets, including bank facilities, debt capital markets, alternative lenders, leveraged finance, asset-based lending, real estate finance, structured finance, not for profit and charities, company side restructuring finance and ratings analysis and support.

How we can help

We can help you achieve the best possible outcomes in identifying the right sources of financing across the spectrum of debt products and then help you to execute them.

Capital structure planning

Align capital structure with long-term strategic objectives.

Funding options and alternatives

Undertake a detailed credit assessment and debt capacity analysis, assessing market-based funding options and advising on potential available terms.

Debt raising and refinancing

Advise on the structuring and assist with the execution of debt facilities across all markets.

Acquisition and growth funding

Develop and execute funding strategies for M&A initiatives, strategic growth opportunities and large capital expenditure projects.

Credit rating evaluation and advisory

Assist in the formal credit rating process, assess likely credit rating outcomes and advise on business and capital management initiatives designed to enhance credit profiles.

Restructuring and negotiation

Help clients manage lender relationships, negotiate covenant adjustments and facility extensions as well as advise on restructuring and recapitalisation options.


Provide ‘arm’s length’ benchmarking of debt levels, terms and pricing for related party transactions such as tax, audit and governance compliance purposes.

ESG Financing

Helping banks, insurers, corporates, and asset managers finance a more sustainable future.

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