Most businesses have survived COVID-19 - fantastic news. However, COVID-19 has taken a significant toll on how businesses operate: how many changes were made on the fly? - how many controls were relaxed to cope with the new working environment? Now is the time to make sure your business is truly resilient.

What does being truly resilient mean? – It means knowing how you will fare when a severe disruption hits you, and how much you will be able to continue to deliver for your customers. This is crucial – the next disruption may hit just your firm and not the whole sector or the whole economy.

Thinking about your business as a set of end-to-end services, and then using a holistic service management approach to optimise the resilience of those services could be the difference between your business making it through a crisis and suffering real loss.

Though UK and global financial services regulators have been the first to drive operational resilience, cyber-attacks and COVID-19 have pushed the topic to the board agenda for firms across all industries. Operational resilience is a key part of future-proofing businesses. Furthermore, a robust operational resilience capability should also bring a number of strategic benefits, particularly around cost reduction, organisational agility and customer experience.

A resilience capability incorporates much of the traditional disciplines of business continuity management, operational risk, cyber security and third-party risk management, but also introduces new perspectives including measuring your overall resilience and taking an end-to-end perspective. This can mean that the path to operational resilience is not straightforward, particularly for businesses who have challenges with legacy systems, fragmented tools and finding a ‘single version of truth’ when it comes to data. We understand how critical it is to prepare your business for disruptive events and what it takes to build a more resilient organisation.

If you want your business to be more trusted, connected and powered, having a strong operational resilience capability is an essential part of your model. Operational resilience is not a one-time exercise; we enable you to continually improve the resilience of your supply chains, internal operations and production, and customer service.

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  • Data and tooling: We look at effective data to shape long-term scalability and sustainability in operational resilience for your business.
    Data availability: We help you identify the kind of data you need to capture, required scale, pros and cons of underlying systems and current reporting requirements.
  • Vendors: We thoroughly evaluate your business needs and make suitable enterprise solution recommendations.
  • Functionality: We help ensure that the target solution can deliver on emerging requirements, while remaining aligned to your firm’s broader tooling strategy.
  • Data integrity: We align your underlying systems so that you can maintain a ‘single version of truth’ of the resilience data.
  • Critical path: Unless you assess tooling requirement at an early stage in the operational resilience plan, your scalability and sustainability remain at risk. Thus, we map every step of your roadmap to resilience.

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