In a rapidly changing marketplace, the finance function has a key role to play in delivering efficiency, insight and value to the business. The introduction of new technologies, increased volumes of data, regulatory changes and the need to deliver more for less adds to the pressure on CFOs and Finance Directors.

Finance functions must move focus from transaction processing and reporting towards strategic business support.

Many organisations have already taken significant steps to improve their back office and have demonstrated that an agile operating model with automation, digital enablement and improved data strategy is key to becoming a strategic partner for the business.

So, what is at the top of the CFO agenda?

  • How can we increase focus on value creation? 
  • What key business questions are we struggling to answer at pace? 
  • How are we using digital solutions, data and analytics to enable profitable growth?
  • How does our data strategy enable the needs of the business, our customers and our teams? 
  • What operating model changes do I need to make to enable me to quickly adapt to changing requirements?
  • What skills and competencies do I need, and how do I best access them?

KPMG takes a tailored approach to supporting your finance transformation. Using the right tools and accelerators, our integrated processes and technologies can help you to quickly focus on cost reduction, improving performance and transparency, accelerating finance integrations or separations, and enhancing risk management and governance.

How KPMG can help

Whether your goal is to structure finance to provide more strategic support, to close faster, to deliver at a lower cost or to integrate or separate functional activity as a result of corporate transactions, KPMG can help:

Finance vision and strategy

Defining finance's role in the organisation.

Defining how finance support wider business strategy and objectives.

Finance delivery model

Defining and delivering your operating model and how services are delivered for lower cost and / or greater effectiveness. Our global business services and enterprise performance management service offerings can also help.

Process optimisation

Defining and delivering more efficient, more effective processes both with and without supporting technology and including optimising financial controls.

People and organisation

Defining the competencies, skills, and performance expectations of your people and the culture within your enterprise.
Our People Consulting offering can also help here including supporting with learning / training.


Defining and delivering the technology to support your delivery model, business practices and information security requirements. Using automation, cloud and digital to enhance your finance processes.

Our finance transformation insights