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Read the KPMG 2022 CEO Outlook – UK

Find out what UK CEOs think about the economic outlook, the biggest risks to growth, ESG, digital transformation and the future of work.


Growth strategies in turbulent times

Over two-thirds (69%) of UK CEOs believe a recession will make it even harder to rebound from the pandemic, and 63% believe it will disrupt anticipated growth over the next three years. They also recognise that a recession could have a significant impact on anticipated earnings, with 70% saying earnings could be impacted by more than 5% over the next 12 months.

But despite these concerns, UK CEOs are confident in the resilience of the global economy over the next six months (75%). And they’re also positive about the longer-term outlook for growth. Almost four-fifths (79%) are confident about the global economy's growth prospects over the next three years, while 73% are confident about their own organisation’s growth over the same time period.

The KPMG 2022 CEO Outlook provides a unique insight into the mindset, strategies and planning tactics of CEOs during a period of constant change. Research was conducted in July and August 2022 with 1,325 global CEOs – 150 from the UK.

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Focusing on digital opportunities

Facing a possible recession, over a third (36%) of UK CEOs have paused their digital transformation strategies. But advancing digitisation is a top operational priority for driving growth. To achieve that UK CEOs recognise they need to be quicker to shift investment to digital opportunities (66%).

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Hiring freezes in the short-term

With continued economic turmoil, 43% of UK CEOs say they have already implemented a hiring freeze, and a similar proportion (39%) plan to do so in the next six months. But over three-quarters (79%) of UK CEOs expect their organisation’s headcount to increase over the next three years.

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Greater demand for ESG transparency

Over four-fifths (84%) of UK CEOs say there is greater demand for increased reporting and transparency on ESG. And nearly two-fifths (39%) say ESG improves corporate financial performance.

The CEO’s outlook on turbulent times

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