The healthcare system is complicated. The problems are intertwined, with each move that a healthcare organisation makes impacting many areas and others. As citizens, we expect an enormous range of services, free at the point of use and consistent throughout the UK. And it must do this while remaining financially and clinically viable. This leads to a complex web of organisations working together to deliver services efficiently.

The global pandemic has bought many changes to the sector. Consider the increase in adoption of the digital GP appointment. Unthinkable just a few years ago, it is now driving changes to care pathways. Remote working will mean changes for the workforce, and possibly the way we organise roles and regulations. The Nightingale Hospitals showed a glimpse of the potential to change roles to harness a wider range of skills and talent. This is evident that doing things differently can catalyse progress in the sector. A different and better outcome cannot be reached by taking the same approach. 

Keeping the system delivering while improving services through transformation will mean everyone needs to work together effectively. The providers and regulators, national and local government, private and public companies, financial institutions and investors. It’s this sort of collaboration which we think will be critical to developing new health and care services.

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Our main areas of support for clients

Our healthcare practices

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Insight led improvement

Working with healthcare providers and ICSs to deliver operational excellence and a culture of continuous improvement to improve quality, cost and morale.

How can we support?
Operational Excellence | Emergency recovery | Elective recovery | Supply chain

Integrated Care

Supporting healthcare organisations to redesign care systems around population needs to improve outcomes. Enabling our Integrated Care Systems clients to become well-led, high performing systems.

How can we support?
Strategy | Form (Target Operating Model) | Function (Corporate Services Transformation) | PMO and change management

Workforce Transformation

Delivering services to equip our clients workforces with the skills and experiences fit for the future of their organisations. We are supporting healthcare to ensure they have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills. We support our clients with end-to-end workforce transformation and strategic workforce planning.

How can we support?
Strategic Workforce Management Solutions | Organisational Development | HR | Diversity & Inclusion | Integration | Regulator strategy | Powered HR

Data & Analytics

Data and analytics are fundamental to everything we do, ensuring all our solutions are data-driven and therefore evidence-based. We provide a comprehensive range of data and analytics services and solutions; from data strategy to data platform development to bespoke analytical services to products (via our ICAS suite) and analytics capability development.

Our team are passionate about all things data and analytical, and offer insights and expertise gained from working in the NHS and central government. We are therefore well placed to support you.

How can we support?
Data strategy & implementation | Platform development | Analytics & modelling support | Integrated Care Analytics Solutions (ICAS) | Capability development

Digital Healthcare

Supporting healthcare organisations to define, deliver and assure digital transformation of care systems and national technology services. Focussing on priorities such as population health, EPR, virtual care and access to the Cloud.

How can we support?
Strategy | Cyber | Cloud | Electronic Patient Record | Customer | Risk Assurance

Finance Transformation

Supporting clients to drive financial efficiency, effectiveness and value for money through all aspects of their operations.

How can we support?
Mergers & Acquisitions | Investment Decisions | Financial Improvement and Recovery | ICS Payment Reform | Shared Services | Powered Finance and Procurement | Finance Transformation

Internal Audit

Internal audit work with internal audit directors and audit committees to develop a quality internal audit function that delivers strategic business assurance, identifies business opportunities and enhances organisational value.

Microsoft Business Solutions

KPMG Microsoft Business Solutions specialises in delivering transformational outcomes using Microsoft technologies, tailored to meet healthcare needs. This includes collaboration and tools to support modern workforce efficiency – such as Teams, Viva and Office, plus transformation of legacy applications, data and analytics solutions to harness the power of your data, cloud migration, cyber security, financial transformation and virtual healthcare / virtual ward solutions.

How can we support?

Modern Workforce | Powered Finance | Analytical Data Platform | Digital Infrastructure | Digital Health

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We believe that learning is how a customers’ strategy will get delivered. It has a wide role to play in supporting transformation projects, developing leadership capability at all levels and improving personal effectiveness. In addition, leaning is how staff get upskilled in functional roles to better deliver what is necessary for the job.

How can we support?
NHS Leadership Academy | Curriculum | Consulting | Major Bids

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