The past few years has seen an exponential rise in activity in the payments arena with Opening Banking, cryptocurrencies and digital wallets coming to the fore. And now the development of the New Payments Architecture, RTGS renewal and ISO20022 brings even more change – change that is all happening at the same time.

In the past the world of payments may have encountered one or two major developments at a time, but now we are seeing an unprecedented level of change. Increasing customer expectations are forcing banks to think more strategically about payments and re-evaluate their business models – front to back – from the customer experience to how payments are processed. Where do they need to modernise? And how?

Our payments solutions

The payments landscape is constantly evolving. Regulatory changes, increased competition and innovation, changing customer behaviour and new technology are shifting the payments industry and banks, corporates, and payments processors need to react.

We offer a wide range of solutions and services to support our financial services, corporate and government clients to drive their payments transformation.

Helping clients develop a Payments strategy, by assessing the market, competitors, and customer needs
Analyse how clients make payments, overlaying scenarios, and make recommendations to increase profitability
Advising clients when considering merger or acquisition activity in the payments market. Analysis of market. Assessment of viable targets
Advice on cloud migration with technical experts to facilitate migration and maintenance
Helping challenger banks and corporates become FCA authorised, and maintain ongoing compliance with authorisation
Translating between the emerging message format standard ISO20022 and current messaging formats within a client’s back office infrastructure
Prepare Test Strategy, test scripts, and execute testing using automation in line with the industry timeline for NPA
Ensure FMIs and critical third parties can demonstrate and maintain operational resilience as mandated by the FCA
Prevent and identify cyber attacks using tools and a response team

Why KPMG ?

Our UK Payments Consulting team has subject matter expertise at a business and technical level and extensive knowledge and experience in Payments transformations working with a variety of payments companies including banks, fintechs, and payments processors.

We also have an extensive global network of Payments professionals that will be leveraged to bring the best insights and learnings to your Payments transformation journey.

Given KPMG’s significant involvement in multiple implementations of critical national infrastructure systems around the world, we have a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and can help shape the strategy, mobilise programmes and lead your end-to-end payments transformation.

We work closely with our clients to understand their market, trends and forecasts, develop the right strategy and then help them implement it.

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