Chris Young

Partner, Energy Strategy & Performance Transformation

KPMG in the UK

Chris Young focuses on strategy and performance improvement in the energy sector, where he has more than twenty years of experience.

He helps companies in oil & gas and power & utilities to develop and execute strategies during times of rapid change and uncertainty, to turn those strategies into concrete choices about corporate and business unit portfolios, to create operating models that align resources and capabilities, and to identify and deliver tangible performance improvements that increase operational efficiency and control costs.

He has been deeply engaged in helping energy clients understand the impact of the energy transition, showing how they can shift their strategies, portfolios and operating models to reflect the fundamental changes to value chains and business opportunities that the transition is creating. He also advises clients on the continuing role of hydrocarbons in the energy mix, as countries and markets seek to balance decarbonisation, affordability and security of supply.

He works with International Oil Companies, Utilities and Infrastructure Operators, Independents and National Oil and Energy Companies world-wide, and leads KPMG’s Global Gas Network.  

  • Oil & Gas

  • Power & Utilities

  • Renewables and the Energy Transition

  • Strategy

  • Portfolio Management