Mark helps places, businesses and government to develop strategies to improve their future skills gap. He analyses domestic policy and global megatrends and translates their impacts on consumer behaviour, the workplace, supply chains, and infrastructure. In his new role as Director of Skills, Mark assesses how those changes will affect the demand and supply of skills.

Mark is a disruptive thinker. He edited KPMG’s Reimagine public policy programme, contributing ideas on how to build more homes, make social care better and more productive, eliminate the need for food banks and boost life-long learning.

In Reimagine a digital society, Mark’s film presents a future in which AI makes many more of our buying decisions; he explores what this means for consumer-facing businesses including the 'human' skills required to educate the bots in how to meet our needs.

Mark loves learning new skills himself, and spends his spare time keeping his thirty year old boat afloat by developing his skills in electronics, plumbing and diesel engine maintenance.

Mark is a school governor at the City Academy Hackney and until recently, the chair of Bounceback, a charity dedicated to providing skills and employment opportunities for ex-offenders.

Always happy to submit his ideas to challenge and debate, Mark is an experienced writer, thinker, keynote speaker, and live broadcast panellist and presenter.

  • Brexit
  • Public Policy and Regulatory Change
  • Strategy
  • MSc Integrated Management Systems at The University of Birmingham

  • BSC Mathematics, The University of Birmingham

  • Public Policy

  • Strategy

  • Brexit

  • Megatrends

  • New Business Models