Cryptoassets & Token Economy Service

Cryptoassets & Token Economy Service

Cryptoassets is more than Bitcoin. The new business model through Tokenization is a mega trend.

The new business model through Tokenization is a mega trend.

Distributed Ledger Technology grow rapidly innitiatied by the emergence of Bitcoin and fund-raising of Ethereum. Crypto-Assets supported by the technology is now moving toward ‘institutionalized’. As the the fuel of emerging digital economy. KPMG Crypto-Asset Group gather experts from accounting, taxation, valuation, legal, regulatory and risk consulting and offer end-to-end support from feasibility study, architecture and designing. KPMG will be the clear choice as your guide in to new era. 

Our Service

Accounting, Tax & Internal Control Service
Legal Service Management & Risk Consulting Service
  • Accounting diagnostic
  • Valuation Support
  • Internal Control & process diagnostic
    • Token Issuer
    • Token Holder
    • Wallet
    • Custodian
    • Trading Platform
  • Taxation Strategy & Risk Analysis
  • Legal service of token Issuance
    • ICO/ STO
    • Platform Compliance &Sandbox Advisory
    • Stablecoin & Payment Token
    • Utility Token
  • Legal Service of Distributed Ledger Technology
    • Legal Risk of DApp & Other DLT Applications
    • Off-chain Data & assets’ identification and whiteness service
    • Smart Contract and Legal Documents
  • Feasibility & Implementation Planning of Tokenization
    • Architecture & Risks governance of DLT
    • Off-Chain Ownership & Custodian
    • Privacy Technology & Digital Identity
  • Technology Assessment & Cyber
    • Node and Consensus
    • Encryption Key, Algorithm & Wallet Security
    • Smart Contract: Protocol, Business Logics & Vulnerabilities
  • Fraud, Forensic, AML & CFT advisory over Crypto-Asset

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