Generative AI Survey Report 2023

Generative AI technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and so is our analysis of it.

Generative AI technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and so is our analysis of it.

Generative AI is a realm filled with promise and challenges. Generative AI is transforming businesses, offering growth and innovation, yet it brings significant hurdles.

Navigating Uncertainty with Optimism: Generative AI presents a unique blend of unknowns and opportunities. For leaders and innovators, this means embracing uncertainty, managing risks, and making informed decisions. It's a journey that requires resilience and strategic foresight.

Potential for Transformation:
Generative AI offers growth potential and requires careful consideration of ethical, quality, and regulatory aspects.

Security & Compliance: Prioritizing data security and privacy is crucial in this AI-driven era.
A Balanced Approach: Generative AI promises to redefine our work and productivity. It's essential to proceed with a balanced and informed approach.

KPMG's Role: At KPMG, we understand the transformative potential and challenges of generative AI. We offer support in safely, ethically, and responsibly embedding generative AI into business processes. Our teams of governance, risk, compliance professionals, and AI technology experts are perfectly equipped to guide businesses through each step of your journey, ensuring that business reaps the benefits while mitigating risks.

Excited for the future as we harness the power of AI responsibly and confidently with KPMG!


KPMG generative AI survey report 2023

An exclusive KPMG survey shows how top leaders are approaching this transformative technology. Harnessing the transformative power of generative AI will require a balance of speed with thoughtful planning and careful risk mitigation.

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