ESG must be embedded in your strategy and form the overall narrative and purpose of your organisation. Every aspect of your business is in the spotlight from how you treat employees, your supply chain, how you use and manage data, right through to your environmental credentials. It's now clear, that having a clear purpose and positive impact on the planet and its people matters like never before.

The first step to embed ESG into a business must be taken by the board, taking on the responsibility and accountability to drive the transition towards becoming an environmentally and socially responsible business. Stakeholders are pushing for increased transparency and it’s working. New mandatory reporting standards are fast approaching and, where it’s not mandatory, lenders and investors are still withdrawing funding from, and voting against, businesses not considering ESG.

ESG isn’t a hygiene factor for today. Its impact is already profound and it’s a critical factor for businesses that want to be ready for further fundamental changes coming down the track. ESG is no longer a choice; it is an imperative.

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