On June 18, KPMG will host the online webinar ‘How to solidify CSRD reporting in the organization – a practical guide’. In this webinar, you will gain the latest updates on regulatory developments. You will also gather practical learnings about moving from reporting scope to embedding this into the reporting processes, and what is needed to doing this correctly. 

This event is aimed to inform Finance Directors, Controllers, Finance Reporting Managers, Internal Auditors, Sustainability Managers, Sustainability Reporting Managers, Managers Financial Accounting & Reporting, Compliance Managers and ESG Managers. Please note that the session is most effective with a basic knowledge of the CSRD and a familiarity with the structure of ISRS. 

If you are not familiar with the topic yet, please watch our previous webinars about CSRD and read more information in the FAQ.


We are nearing the end of Q1 of the first CSRD reporting year. The majority of large listed companies are in the midst of their implementation, while many others are preparing themselves for their upcoming requirements as per FY25.

For many companies, the time is now to get the implementation right the first time: moving from your reporting scope to setting up the necessary reporting structures, definitions and processes, is where the rubber hits the road.

In this online session, we will provide practical insights that focus on:

  • What are the latest regulatory updates around sustainability reporting, both in Europe and beyond, that impact our reporting landscape?
  • Getting the basics right: bringing non-financial reporting on par with financial reporting:
    • Non-financial reporting manual: why is this important, and how to create/update such a manual?
    • What should processes and controls around sustainability data look like and how do they develop over time?
    • What is a sufficient level of IT support?
  • How to report on qualitative information?
    • Reporting on strategy, IRO management and targets.

We will also welcome an external speaker to share their experiences on their first year of CSRD reporting.  

Watch our earlier CSRD Webinars on demand by clicking here.


Vera Moll, Host

Director, Sustainability Reporting, KPMG

Marco Frikkee

Partner, Sustainability Reporting, KPMG

Paul Pieroen

Partner, Enterprise Performance Management, KPMG

Kim Waltmann - Dekkers MSc RA

EVP Corporate Control, KPN


Online webinar

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