Financial Restructuring

Financial Restructuring

When a company is experiencing financial difficulties, stakeholders often look for additional information to help rebuild their confidence.

Financial Restructuring

When a company is experiencing financial difficulties, stakeholders often look for additional information or resources to help rebuild their confidence. We appraise the state of the business, identify options and help clients make difficult decisions, while monitoring the impact on affected stakeholders. 

We help clients understand the complex landscape of borrowers, lenders and shareholders, and manage stakeholder communications, so they stay in front of the issues and make the best decisions. We help clients assess short-term liquidity requirements and consider actions to quickly preserve value and address potential risks to stability.

How we can help

Our specialists help clients focus on the key questions as they navigate a corporate restructuring to achieve sustainable, operational and financial change.

  • Appraisal and stabilization: Do I have enough liquidity to keep operating?
  • Options assessment: Do I know what has gone wrong and how to fix it?
  • Intra-stakeholder negotiations: How do I keep everyone engaged in negotiations?
  • Development of options: What sustainable capital structure offers the best prospect of success?
  • Implementation: How can I reconcile all stakeholder positions to implement the new capital structure?
  • Ongoing monitoring: How do I ensure that the business is supported through its recovery?

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