Strategy and Operations

Strategy and Operations

KPMG works with you to determine how you can best define the operating model that helps your business deliver on its strategy.

KPMG works with you to determine the operating model to help deliver on your strategy.

Whatever the industry or sector, whether public or private, a strong strategic focus is critical to an organisation’s continued growth and success. It enhances stakeholder and community confidence, aligns operational processes and practices with corporate and national objectives, and opens the way to long-term, sustainable performance improvement.
Yet strategic development is perhaps the most difficult task confronting our boards and managers. As a result, many strategies often lack clarity and vision and consequently are often difficult to implement. Strategy must be matched with efficient and effective operations. KPMG focuses on delivering an aligned, practical and risk-informed approach led by customer/citizen requirements expressed as future operating models.

How KPMG can help:

KPMG’s Strategy & Operations team can assist you in making strategic decisions based on a more complete understanding of your opportunities and risks. This includes helping you to rethink the efficiency and effectiveness of existing business operations, and to develop relevant and appropriate policies and programs.

We offer a rigorous and objective insight into organisational performance, economic and industry trends, policy imperatives and competitive forces. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop strategies to ensure that improvements are sustainable and stakeholder-driven.

We provide market-leading expertise in:

• Target operating model development.

• Business planning and feasibility studies.

• Procurement and supply chain advisory.

• Business performance improvement.

• Innovation and business engineering.

• Public sector program design, management and evaluation.

• Corporate and operations strategy.

• Customer and growth strategy.

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