In any technology-enabled organization, IT Asset Management (ITAM) comprising software and hardware asset management presents unique challenges.

Firstly, there are multiple parties involved in the purchase, installation and commissioning, maintenance, and use and disposal of software and hardware within an organization. Secondly, the technologies being used are complex and constantly changing, along with the license agreements becoming increasingly complicated and multi-layered.

This leads to challenges such as use of software that is not fully licensed, high risk of receiving costly fines from software vendors, paying license fees for unused applications or users’ security risks for breaches due to unauthorized software use, non-compliance with software policies, and missing alignment between the business requirements and IT supply. 


How can we help?

From hardware and license assessments to complete implementation of ITAM functions, our advisors can help you across your ITAM journey in:

  • ensuring an accurate IT asset inventory;
  • creating risk mitigation strategies;
  • facilitating automation and integrations;
  • building robust ITAM policies and processes;
  • facilitating Compliance Posture Reporting for top publishers;
  • assessing ITAM As-Is Maturity state
  • decreasing the costs as the risk of being over-licensed; and
  • being compliant with software and IT security policies at any time.