Organizations are operating in a constantly and rapidly changing world, presenting new challenges for businesses and requiring organizations to become more flexible and responsive and operate in risky, costly, and more complex environments.

This, in turn, creates opportunities to design new and better strategies, develop new products, expand into new markets, rethink business models and transform the performance of organizations. 

To be successful, it is necessary to change the way people are led, managed, and developed through large-scale, complex, transformational change programs.

Today’s HR function also has the potential to enable a profound transformation, challenged as never before to convert the full potential of an organization's people into financial performance and market value.

At KPMG, we Unlock potential and navigate transformational change across all functions to drive unprecedented performance levels.

We offer differentiated solutions across following six clusters

Organizational Development

Organization Development enables us to create an organization where the strategy, operating model, structure, processes, infrastructure, values, and behaviors are aligned to realize the shared organizational intent.

HR Optimization

HR Optimization creates fit-for-purpose people functions by aligning HR to business strategy and putting the appropriate structure, capabilities and systems in place that enable HR to deliver value to the business

Talent Management

P&C’s Talent Management solution pack targets performance management, competency development, succession planning, and capability assessment.

Behavioral Change Management

P&C stands out for its ability to help clients understand the underlying culture of the organization, develop creative approaches that transform resistance into commitment, and build a change capability the cultivates operating agility

Workforce Intelligence and Rewards

Workforce Intelligence and Total Rewards enables organizations to evaluate and redesign their employee compensation and reward schemes (base salaries, benefits, commissions, and bonuses) with strategic objectives and market benchmarks. Furthermore, it focuses on enabling organizations to get better value from their workforce through workforce data analytics, allowing them to make evidence-based decisions that enhance business performance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Talent Management focused on critical aspects of merger and acquisitions from people integration and culture perspective, ensure critical checks and act as a catalyst for a successful integration

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