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Our Cyber Security team is award-winning. KPMG has been named as a Leader in the Forrester Research Inc. report for the Information Security Consulting Services, achieving the highest score for current offering and strategy.


We are seeing a global surge of interest in ISO 27001, as companies seek independent assurance over their information security controls. In addition to that, there is recent mandate by Kuwait Central Bank (CBK) to encourage all Financial Services Institutes to be ”ISO 27001” certified by December 2020.

Certification is a way to demonstrate that your organization is committed to managing cyber and information security risks, and operating effective controls. The ISO 27001 standard’s broad coverage, flexibility and business-led approach also means it has relevance across all industries and jurisdictions.

What’s on your mind?

Our discussions with clients reveal few of critical questions organization ask themselves:

  • How can I demonstrate that we are protecting our data and our customers?
  • How can I use our investment in information security to provide a business benefit by differentiating us from competitors?
  • How can I deploy appropriate information security controls and then get independent confirmation that we have done it properly?
  • How can I know that all parts of my organization are doing the right thing from an information security perspective?
  • How can I cost-effectively certify my global operations?
  • How can I drive continual improvement insecurity across my organization?
  • How can I reduce the burden of audit on my organization?
  • How can I comply with local regulations?


Potential benefits to your organization

  • A robust approach to implementing an Information Security Management 
  • System (ISMS) and achieving certification to ISO 27001 can demonstrate to relevant stakeholders, such as key business partners and Executive and Non-Executive Directors, improvement in the overall state of security in your organization.
  • Being certified to ISO 27001 means that you can provide independent assurance to your management team, regulators, suppliers, business partners and customers that you are complying with the internationally recognized standard for information security management the result could also be a reduction in the number of audits conducted by others.
  • An ISO 27001 certificate can be a key differentiator that can help you win new business. In some cases our clients have found it is a minimum requirement to be able to bid for work as part of the procurement process.