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E-commerce trade is flourishing across the globe accounting for more than 14% of global retail sales and is leading to a paradigm shift in both how consumers buy and how businesses sell.

Kuwait is not an exception to this phenomenon and offers strong economic and demographic fundamentals for the growth of e-commerce.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to term e-commerce as one of the key sunrise sectors of Kuwait for the new decade. The sector aligns well with Kuwait Government’s objectives of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and has been driving start-up activity over the last decade.

The e-commerce industry is witnessing evolving business models with each business trying hard to carve a niche and create value per customer. Although there are promising signs for growth, several challenges remain for the entrepreneurs to navigate.

Ankul Aggarwal
Partner - Deal Advisory



How we can help?

E-commerce Strategy and initiatives
  • Develop an e-commerce strategy for offline businesses, including a current state assessment, target omi-channel vision, business and operating model, payments, logistics and networks strategy.
Market Assessments
  • Demand and supply assessment for the proposed product/service to estimate market potential, identify target customer segments and scope to differentiate from the competition.
Financial feasibility Studies
  • Assess the target market and the business plan to evaluate the financial feasibility of the proposed business.
Growth Strategy and Business Plan Preparation
  • Assist in defining the business’s long term objectives along with a strategy to drive growth and articulate the objectives, strategy and the proposed business model to achieve the objectives.
Business Valuation
  • Assist with the analysis of the economic value of the business based on current and projected performance of the business.
Sell-side advisory
  • Assist businesses to achieve the objectives of a transaction, such as fund-raise, stake sell, strategic partner search and exits.
Buy-side advisory
  • Assist investors to achieve their objectives on transactions such as strategic investments and mergers and acquisitions through requisite due diligence.
  • Assisting growing/mature e-commerce businesses to stabilise, reorganise borrowings, enhance profitability and build a platform for sustainable growth.





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