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What's Hot?

  • High mobile and internet penetration (>90%) in Kuwait coupled with a young population (56% 2 under the age of 35) with a high disposable income
Emerging Ecosystem
  • Public sector initiatives such as Kuwait National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises, home business licenses, etc. and private sector incubators and accelerators, venture capital firms are emerging to support the growth of the e-commerce segment.
No longer limited to legacy sectors
  • Kuwait’s e-commerce activity which was primarily dominated by F&B and retail (personal care, grocery and electronics) earlier is now seeing innovation around untapped segments such as home services, laundry, real estate etc.
Investment inflow from the private sectors
  • Kuwait’s e-commerce firms have been more dependent on regional investors than local investors for funding. With an increasing incidence of success stories, the sector is now finding favour with Kuwaiti corporates, investment firms and family businesses as a potential investment avenue.
Evolving Business models
  • To maximize value per customer in a market with high customer acquisition costs, select e-commerce businesses in Kuwait managed to pro-actively pivot their business models around niches such as influencer based selling, data and analytics-driven models such as loyalty business, sector-focused one-stop-shop approach etc..
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