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The Audit Internship Program at KPMG in Kuwait is an opportunity for individuals seeking to learn and grow in the Audit space. Spanning typically over three to six months‚ the program offers a platform for the selected candidates to work closely with our Audit teams that are responsible for providing independent insight, challenge, and high-quality audit expertise to an array of organizations. 

During the course of the program‚ you will gain an understanding of the work that the Audit function at KPMG in Kuwait does‚ be exposed to real-world client challenges‚ and get a chance to collaborate with experienced professionals guiding you along the way. 

This will include:

  • collaborating with and learning from the Audit team about financial audits, risk assessments, and other assurance engagements;
  • assisting in gathering and analyzing financial data, ensuring accuracy and adherence to financial and regulatory standards;
  • participating in client discussions to understand their business processes, identifying areas for improvement and efficiency;
  • working closely with senior auditors to ensure adherence to audit methodologies and best practices; and
  • making contributions toward preparing audit reports, summarizing findings, and providing process improvement recommendations for clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     What is the duration of the Audit Internship Program?

The internship typically spans for three months initially, with the possibility of an extension for an additional three months.


2.     When does the selection process start?

There program does not have a fixed annual date as the intake depends on a host factors such as time of the year and functional requirements. All our programs are announced on our LinkedIn page, therefore we request you to watch that space to be informed of the programs.


3.     Will I be notified via email if my CV is accepted/rejected?

While we try our best to notify you of your application status‚ it may not always be possible for us to respond to each candidate‚ considering we receive a high volume of CVs. However‚ if your application is rejected and not on hold due to unforeseen circumstances‚ our Application Tracking System (ATS) will send you an automated disqualification email.


4.     What is the deadline for submitting my application for the program?

Applications can be submitted as long as the job post is active.


5.     What are the minimum requirements? Can final year students apply?

All necessary requirements are outlined under the job description section of the post.


6.     When does the internship program begin?

Once selected‚ the Audit Internship Program usually begins around the November–December period.


7.     Will there be any training before we are sent to the clients?

The internship serves as a training program. Selected interns may not have the opportunity to interact with clients depending on the business decisions being made.


8.     Is this program only for Kuwaiti Nationals?

The program is open to individuals of all nationalities who are currently in Kuwait.


9.     Can people who are outside Kuwait apply? Can this internship be done online?

Unfortunately, this internship cannot be pursued online and is not available for candidates outside of Kuwait.


10.  What is the expected remuneration?

The details of the remuneration is confidential and will be disclosed only to the candidate upon their selection.


11.  What do you mean by ‘Audit busy season’?

The term ‘Audit busy season’ refers to a specific period of the year when the workload for the Audit function increases significantly due to the rising demand for auditing services. This period offers interns an excellent opportunity for intensive learning, giving them the exposure to a wide array of auditing tasks crucial to the audit process. Simultaneously‚ the Audit function at KPMG in Kuwait uses this period to evaluate promising candidates who have the potential to be transitioned into full-time roles. However, completion of the internship does not guarantee a full-time position.


12.  What is the duration of ‘Audit busy season’?

The ‘Audit busy season’ typically spans from three to six months, occurring predominantly from November to April.