Internal audit risk & compliances services

Internal audit risk & compliances services

IARCS provides strategic sourcing of internal audit; continuous auditing/monitoring; ERM; governance and regulatory compliance.

IARCS provides strategic sourcing of internal audit; continuous auditing/monitoring; ER...

Internal audit risk & compliance services

How KPMG member firms can help

Faced with new market opportunities, ongoing economic challenges, increased pressure to improve risk management effectiveness, and unprecedented regulatory requirements, many organisations are recognizing the need to transform their internal audit and risk management functions to turn these disruptive forces into opportunities.

KPMG professionals combine industry knowledge, experience, leading methodologies, and a performance focus to help enable internal audit, risk management, compliance, and finance functions.

Climate Change & Sustainability Sourcing

Business leaders across the world must respond to environmental and social changes: from population growth, urbanisation and expanding wealth to resource scarcity, declining ecosystems and climate change. If a company is to successfully manage the risks and opportunities of these changes, and build a business that is sustainable in the long term, it needs to go on a journey. KPMG East Africa works with organisations on that journey. Our sustainability professionals can support you from start to finish, or at specific points on the journey where you need help the most.

Contract Compliance Services Sourcing

CCS helps clients identify financial misreporting and reset the compliance baseline underpinning contractual relationships with business partners, which can result in potential collections or savings with significant return on investment (ROI). Contract Compliance Services can help increase the communication and understanding of contractual terms and obligations between the client and its business partner, leading to improved reporting.

Enterprise Risk Management & Governance Sourcing

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an organisation-wide approach to the identification, assessment, communication and management of risk. Risk is a combination of external and internal events that constantly change and evolve.

Internal Audit Strategic Sourcing


With organisations being driven to do more with less, the internal audit (IA) function has become a prime candidate for strategic sourcing. This can include outsourcing the entire function or just certain critical elements. Like many other functions, IA has become highly sophisticated and virtually a business in itself. Achieving effective IA capabilities requires a significant level of investment in skilled resources, methods, training and technical infrastructure. KPMG can help you accomplish your objectives in a dynamic business environment.

Regulatory Compliance Sourcing


KPMG East Africa can assist clients to identify the applicable laws and regulations to better understand the regulatory environment. Our approach combines an analysis of the legal framework together with an assessment of the systems and processes which can help to ensure compliance and sound corporate governance. Our approach is to support our clients in meeting the Governance, Regulatory and Compliance challenge.


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