KPMG Powered HR

KPMG Powered HR

KPMG Powered HR is a Cloud-based solution that harnesses our Firm’s experience and expertise to deliver business value to your HR function.

Meet KPMG Powered HR, accelerated human resources transformation enabled by Cloud...

Meet KPMG Powered HR, accelerated human resources transformation enabled by Cloud technology.

In today’s world, your people are your greatest asset – and business leaders are starting to recognize the importance of investing in HR technology. In our recent CEO Outlook survey, we learned that 88 percent of companies will spend the same – or more – money on HR technology than in past years, and 30 percent will replace their core HR system.

Making sure your Human Resources department is strategic and agile can give your organization a competitive edge – as well as transform the way you do business. And we can help you make it happen. KPMG Powered HR combines the knowledge and experience of KPMG professionals with market-ready solutions built on leading Cloud-based platforms. It enables the use of real- time multidimensional analytics, collaboration via social media and mobile access, empowering your organization to meet the rapidly changing demands of the business world.

Both business-led and technology enabled, KPMG Powered HR is a fully integrated solution that can help you achieve your HR strategy. Starting with a standardized model, we’ll work with you to build and deliver a customized solution designed to meet your company’s individual needs – and enhance your Human Resources function. And we’ll do it in about half the time and at  a fraction of the cost.

To learn more about KMPG Powered HR, download our slip sheet (PDF 273 KB) now. Then, contact us to see how we can help you transform how you think about HR – and drive tangible value to your business.

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