Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

KPMG East Africa knows how to generate insight from data, helping organisations drive competitive advantage.

KPMG East Africa knows how to generate insight from data.

Data. A word prevalent in conversations at almost every level of an organisation because it’s the one element that affects, or should affect, any decision. Data tells a story – every piece reveals something about your organisation’s past and present and in the right hands, it’s powerful enough to shape the future. KPMG East Africa analytics specialists can help organisations translate their data story into actionable insights that drive real business outcomes. We do this by making connections across data and joining the dots. The result is a clear direction, which helps give you confidence to make informed decisions today and identify what you need to shape a better future.

Analytics can help identify opportunities to accelerate customer growth by creating tailored services to customers, expanding into new markets, creating new products, and doing a better job of serving existing customers.

Analytics also has inherent potential to create value and help build trust.

Today, all sectors are pushing the boundaries of trust with the use of increasingly complex algorithms which, in many areas, are replacing traditional customer relationships and human decision making.

Many businesses now realise that finding better ways of analysing their data is the key to unlocking its value; unleashing new waves of productivity, growth and innovation. As trusted advisors to leading organisations, KPMG East Africa's analytics specialists can help organisations understand what is possible today and in the future: offering clear, business-focused outcomes and opportunities.

We combine deep business experience with cutting-edge capabilities and proven solutions to help our clients make better, faster decisions in all areas of their business.

And, in doing so, we can help organizations go beyond their data to increase revenue, reduce costs and manage risk throughout the enterprise.

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