There is no doubt that businesses’ key challenges and opportunities in the coming decades will be related to the environment and people. Given Europe's Green Deal goal of becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, we face regulatory, social and investor pressures to rapidly increase the sustainability of our operations. Yet, sustainability is not just about greener energy and reduced emissions – it is also about how we care for people and society, and what governance practices we follow (a holistic approach to ESG).

KPMG sees sustainability as an opportunity to challenge old and inefficient patterns of behaviour, value people more highly and find new opportunities for growth through innovation.
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Marko Rebane
ESG & Sustainability Manager

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6 steps to create an ESG strategy for your organisation

Sustainability services

We will conduct an analysis of ESG impacts, risks and opportunities (materiality analysis). We will define the company's sustainability ambition, perform current state analysis and create a long-term strategy aligned with activities, goals and metrics.

We will find areas where an ESG-focused approach helps save costs, opens new growth opportunities and increases company value. We support companies to build an innovation-focused organization, transition to more efficient and circular solutions, and implement ESG goals.

We assist companies to navigate the complex landscape of implementing sustainability reporting standards and the EU Taxonomy Regulation, and we can conduct GAP-analysis or assurance audits.

KPMG experts support the organizations to assess physical and transitional (e.g. legal, technological, market, reputational) climate-related risks, measure the greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint and set in place the necessary measures to mitigate or adapt to the risks.

The broadness of ESG topics and related reporting requires a systematic approach, effective data management and monitoring of numerous sustainability KPIs. Our KPMG Lighthouse is a global competence center that combines the latest technologies and top specialists in the field of data analytics: data scientists, analysts and programmers.

KPMG is a reliable growth partner for green business ideas, with whom to change the world. We have long-term consulting experience both in capital raising and in conducting strategic buy-sell transactions, including performing ESG due diligence and identifying sustainability-related risks and opportunities. 

KPMG Law provides the assurance that the legal changes accompanying the sustainability policy in the European Union and at the national levels are taken into account when mapping the company's long-term risks and opportunities and when shaping the sustainability strategy. We conclude policies and other documentation that is necessary for the implementation of your company's new ESG strategies.

Tax transparency shows the reliability and sense of responsibility of the entrepreneur and brings to light the important role of taxes in contributing to society. KPMG's tax impact solutions include tax policy analysis or its development, risk analysis, benchmarking, and the preparation of a tax impact report.

KPMG's experienced experts in the field of risk consulting and internal audit ensure that the decisions made, and activities planned  meet the goals, comply with the legislation and assure the economical, efficient and effective use of the organization's resources.

KPMG helps you create a resilient and trusted digital world — even in the face of evolving threats. We offer a variety of services, from IT-auditing, drafting and implementation of business continuity system, mapping cyber security bottlenecks, technical testing, cyber training and conducting risk analysis and drafting and advising on risk management plans.

KPMG is right at the heart of global ESG developments. Trusted by local and international clients.

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