Marilin Saluveer

ESG Trendsetter, Environmental Expert

KPMG Baltics OÜ

Marilin is a passionate expert on sustainability, bridging the gap between science and business – a scientist by background who aims to support clients on their journey towards a more sustainable way of doing business. At KPMG, Marilin contributes to the development of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) advisory services both locally and globally and helps clients by advising them mainly on ESG strategy, sustainability reporting and climate risks. Prior to joining KPMG, Marilin worked as a water specialist at the Environmental Board, where she advised both the private and public sectors on various water issues. In her spare time, Marilin focuses on her creative side, in particular singing and writing. She believes that creativity and thinking out of the box are essential to change the world and solve climate problems

  • MSc, Environmental Engineering (Integrated Water Management), Imperial College London

  • BA, Environmental Science (Sustainable Environmental Management), University of Southampton

  • Thiele, C.J., Hudson, M.D., Russell, A.E. et al. Microplastics in fish and fishmeal: an emerging environmental challenge?. Sci Rep 11, 2045 (2021).