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Why Emerging Giants?

KPMG has unique access to local and global experts covering a wide range of topics that a growth company needs on its journey. 

KPMG is a proud supporter of the Estonian startup ecosystem. Estonia is home to a vibrant, collaborative startup ecosystem and KPMG is proud to be part of it.

Startups need services that are as unique as they are, for the enterprise they already are and the giant they aspire to become. KPMG’s Emerging Giants is purposefully designed for start-up and scale-up businesses, across all business sectors. 

How does it work?

Through our dedicated specialists, we can advise on legal matters, employment issues and incentive programs – not to mention audits, accounting and cyber security.

If the startup needs support for fundraising, accounting, valuation, due diligence, appropriate legal structures or tax planning for market entries, or growth strategies, we know what to do. 

When it’s time to move on to the next level, we'll support the startup with exit options and strategies, or guide them through the IPO process.

We work closely with big corporates and venture capital investors which enables us to match the interests of different parties. 

Emerging Giants lifecycle

As your business grows, you might need additional support along the way. Here’s how we can help you to navigate the ups and downs in your lifecycle.

KPMG Startup Network

We are highly connected throughout the whole startup ecosystem, both locally and internationally. 


Who is it for?

Growth companies

Need help in securing your next round of funding? Maybe you want to take on new markets, but need access to industry heavy-weights and market insights? We can help.

Leading enterprises

Your core business is doing fine, but you want more. You want an edge. You want to have an advantage over your competition. Want to run an innovation program, develop new products or services? We can help.

R&D organizations

You have amazing scientists and inventions. But your IP policy is a bit shaky. And getting from IP to product seems a bit of challenge. Or maybe you want to get your product out there? We can help.

Investors and VC-s.

Whether it’s developing the corporate venture capital market in Estonia or providing a helping hand with due diligence, we can offer a smooth experience for all parties involved.

Ecosystem organisations

Without the startup ecosystem there is nothing. No ideas, no unicorns and no growth. We donate our time and provide our expertise where it matters the most – in the very early stages. 


Your Benefit

One partner to support you in every phase of your growth path:

  • Lifecycle support - Get support during all phases of growth that matches your pace and mindset.
  • Dedicated Team - Work with our dedicated team experienced in advising fast growing companies in a wide range of business areas.
  • Global Network - Access our global Emerging Giants network through a single point of contact.
  • Partner Collaboration - We work with top ecosystem players to offer you support beyond our own expertise.

We work with the great ones

We have worked with more than half of the TOP 100 startups and scaleups in Estonia. We hope to work with you too.