Rauno Klemm

Attorney-at-Law, Head of Public Procurement, Administrative Law and Disputes

Advokaadibüroo KPMG Law

Rauno is a highly experienced public procurement advisor with over 10 years of expertise in the field. He has successfully guided contracting entities through the entire procurement process, from selecting the appropriate procedure to preparing tender documentation, registering the procurement procedure, and making procurement decisions. His expertise extends to large and complex international procurement procedures, such as the procurement of a nationwide high-speed charging network and operator services for electric cars, as well as the procurement of Balticconnector’s compressor stations and gas pipeline works. Rauno has also provided invaluable advice to Estonian and international companies on the public procurement process, from identifying procurement requirements to submitting tenders in the Public Procurement Register. Rauno's knowledge and experience have also made him a sought-after representative in procurement disputes, representing both tenderers and contracting entities. Additionally, Rauno is actively involved in the amendment process of the Public Procurement Act and has been conducting public procurement training for contracting entities and tenderers for a long time. Apart from his expertise in public procurement, Rauno is also experienced in administrative and contract law, environmental law, energy law, and planning law issues and disputes.