The KPMG Challenger Academy

Are you looking for a classical Graduate Programme? We believe we got something better!

The KPMG Challenger Academy is a one-year academy that ensures you have the best start of your career. You will develop your KPMG Core Skills and create a network across KPMG and beyond.

The KPMG Challenger Academy consists of 3 modules, each focused on a different professional aspect of working as a consultant or auditor at KPMG. Each module will include a 2-3 day intensive learning experience at an offsite location, where you will also have the chance to socialise with your Academy peers. The modules are non-sequential, which means that you will join the KPMG Challenger Academy on the next scheduled module following your first day at KPMG. You can read more about each module further down the page.

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Who is it for?

The KPMG Challenger Academy is designed for everyone starting an entry-level job position at KPMG. Whether you have just graduated from university or transition from another industry into the consulting or auditing business. The KPMG Challenger Academy ensures that everyone gets the same foundation to build their KPMG career on. 

Jeppe Dinsen

For me, the two most valuable gains from being part of the KPMG Challenger Academy was the professional network I got from day one and the skills I have developed. Besides the formal training, there is a lot of knowledge sharing since people with a great variety of backgrounds are part of the academy.

On top of that, you also receive training on the job during projects at the client. The mix of training and your daily tasks creates a solid skill base at the start of your consulting career.

Jeppe Dinsen
Consultant, CFO Advisory
KPMG Denmark

What is in it for you?

At KPMG, we have a large focus on personal and professional development, ensuring our employees learn for a lifetime. Everyone in KPMG will receive basic skills training, when relevant and needed based on their level when joining us. Basic skills training is, for instance, Excel training, PowerPoint training and specific tools for your respective service line, like Prince2 or Blue Prism.

As part of the KPMG Challenger Academy, you will receive additional courses to upskill the core skills and tools and learn more about the different ways of working in KPMG. The courses are divided in three modules. You can read more about the focus area of each module below. 

Start date: primo September

In module A, we start with a 3-day training trip abroad to give you a strong network and understanding of how we work. Here, you will do work that matters during the Sustainable Impact Day, and you will also get to know yourself and your Academy peers through a personality assessment and workshop.

If you are part of the Audit Function, you will, prior to module A, receive audit-specific training to make sure you are ready to face clients upon your return.

In Advisory, you will gain project management skills and get insight into the proposal process.

Start date: primo December

In module B, we focus on upskilling your KPMG Core Skills, skills that are fundamental to your success in KPMG. You will have 2 days of training sessions on an offsite location in Sjælland.

In Audit, you will learn more about working with audit during the busy season and how to understand the client and their challenges.

In Advisory, you participate in an intense training to upskill your core consulting skills. The course covers the important aspects of being a consultant, from case cracking to interview training and much more.

Start date: ultimo May

In module C, we focus on your personal development and how to build a long-term sustainable career. You will have 2 days of training sessions together with you Academy peers at an offsite location in Jylland.

During the training days, you will learn how to give and receive feedback, what impact you make on the world around you and how to use this in your career.

Once you have finished all 3 modules: Congratulations, you possess all the KPMG Core Skills to be able to excel in your career as an auditor or consultant! And don’t worry, you learning journey does not end here. In the years to come, you will have the chance to learn many more skills with training on the job from you expert colleagues or join relevant specialisation courses.

Why should you become part of the KPMG Challenger Academy?

As mentioned before, this is not a classical Graduate Programme, but an Academy tailored for consultants and auditors with a focus on personal and professional development and building a strong network during their first year of working in KPMG.

Going through the KPMG Challenger Academy, you will set learning objectives and you will have a combination of structured in-house training and client-facing engagements to nurture your development. In addition, the large network you build at the very start of your career will greatly benefit you and push you to expand your professional horizon.

As part of the KPMG Challenger Academy, you will work in diverse teams who help you to develop and grow with hands-on experience with clients and relevant projects. You will work in a global network and receive the newest knowledge within your field of interest to discover your full potential. On top of that, you will get a Koach, the KPMG equivalent of a Performance Manager, to help guide you and set you on the right course. They help you set and achieve your goals.

The KPMG Challenger Academy gives you the chance to network and socialise with people across the organisation through immersive and intense off-site learning experiences. During each module, you will have days filled with interesting courses, but you will also have lots of opportunities to socialise at dinners or team building activities.

Finally, and most importantly, you are always part of a team at KPMG. Together, we will make sure that you have the best experience, and development possible! 

How do you join the KPMG Challenger Academy?

To become part of the KPMG Challenger Academy, you will go through the following six steps in our application process: the application, interviews, the offer, screening. You can read more about the different steps by clicking on them below. You are welcome to apply to multiple positions if you have different areas of interest, but make sure that you tailor your application for each of the respective area of interest you apply to. 

To apply to a job at KPMG and become part of the KPMG Challenger Academy, we ask you to upload your CV, motivational letter, and your diploma and grade transcript. If we see a match with your profile and KPMG, we invite you for a first interview. 

Generally for a position in our Advisory Function, you will have three rounds of interviews. The first interview is to get to know you and for you to get to know us. The purpose is to make sure there is a match and that we align expectations. You can ask all your questions during this interview.

After the first interview, you will receive a call to hear whether you will proceed to the next round. We will ask you to do a personality and cognitive assessment before the second interview. You will also get a case, relevant for the respective service line, either to prepare before the interview or during the interview. Lastly, you will have an interview with the leader of the service line to discuss the last questions you or we might have. 

The interview process for our Audit Function is a bit shorter with only one interview. As part of the invitiation to the interview, you will be asked to do the personality and congnitive tests. You do not have to prepare a case, neither before nor during the interview. If we see match, you will get a call with a potential job offer.

Do we have a match? If we do, you will receive our offer to join us and start your KPMG adventure. You will not just find your salary in the offer, but also any other benefits like vacation days, pension and more. Are you saying yes to the offer? Congrats and welcome - we are happy to have you as our new colleague! 

At KPMG, we want to show integrity in all aspects of our organisation. This means that we screen everyone who joins us. We check your references, criminal record, and other relevant documents. Is everything ok? You will start your journey with KPMG and receive the invitation to join our onboarding day plus all other relevant information before your start date. 

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