What do we work with in Customer & Growth?

The Customer & Growth team, located both in Copenhagen and Aarhus, focuses on helping clients with improving their digital customer journey. Our colleagues create customer engagement strategies, design roadmaps and implement CRM systems. We work on solutions related to anything from customer service and marketing automation to pipeline and sales and quoting and billing.

There are three focus areas in Customer & Growth: Customer Digital Strategy, Tech Strategy and Architecture, and Customer Solutions. Each area covers a different part of the digital customer journey. Scroll down to read more about each focus area.

Tech Strategy and Architecture

The Tech Strategy and Architecture team has deep technological knowledge as well as an eye for the business perspective. We navigate between our client's strategy and how to transform their current system and IT landscape to achieve this. It is important that we understand both the business and the technology side since we talk with both the developers, domain and enterprise architects, and the c-suite of our clients. By speaking to all corners of the organisation, we can identify the starting point of the CRM transformation and what solution would be the most suitable for the respective client. Afterwards, we design the solution with our colleagues in the Customer Solutions team.

What characterises a Tech Strategy and Architecture project is the fact that we can trace our recommendations down to the origin of information. This comprehensiveness and structuredness brings us closer to the client in the form of trust.

Ninorta Warda
Senior Consultant in Customer & Growth

Customer Digital Strategy

The transformation of the digital customer journey starts here, with the Customer Digital Strategy team. Our colleagues work together with our clients to uncover the true essence of their current customer experience. We deep dive into the trends, opportunities and risks that shape their digital landscape and with this knowledge, we create a roadmap for a future state and define the optimisation initiatives. Our insights empower our colleagues in the Tech Strategy and Architecture team and the Customer Solutions team to bring this vision to life.

Customer Solutions

The Customer Solutions team helps our clients with the final phases, to construct and implement the solutions and support our clients along the way. They mostly work with Salesforce solutions or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

I have no doubt that Customer & Growth is the right place for me. I have the chance to keep developing and learning something new and I have the opportunity to work with my passion - making a difference for my clients by implementing CRM technologies.

Christina Høst
Manager in Customer & Growth