What do we work with in CFO Advisory?

In CFO Advisory, we focus on advising organisations on financial value creation, including transformation and strategic initiatives. We do work that matters by automating and digitising our client's finance functions. We have an analytical and data-driven approach with a strong focus on leveraging new technologies to create the best solutions for our clients.

CFO Advisory is divided into five areas, each representing the core offerings of our service line. Discover more about each area below. Besides those five areas, we also have a large sub-service line called CFO Services. You learn more about this as you scroll down the page.

Enterprise performance management

Enterprise performance management (EPM) creates efficient EPM operating models connecting the client's organisation to its strategy. We do this by aligning processes, analytical environments and relevant planning cycles. The EPM operating models empower the client's management to reach preselected goals. 

Processes, controls and compliance

Within processes, controls, and compliance, we support our clients in transforming their finance processes and controls. We help them design, optimise and implement technology-driven finance functions. This also includes helping our clients with monitoring risk and performance.

Finance transformation, strategy and organisation

We help our clients transform their finance function into a strategic role within the organisation. Among other solutions, we design and implement new finance operating models, rethink and optimise their processes and help them formulate a clear vision and strategy.

Digital finance

Our Digital Finance team enables our clients to understand the full potential of automation. We assist our clients throughout the whole process, from the initial automation assessment to the implementation of the relevant technologies.

Finance integration and separation

The Finance Integration and Separation team assists our clients with the complexities that arise during a merger. It is crucial to consider the multiple stakeholders involved and crucial decisions have to be made during the integration phase to limit the disruption to business continuity.

In CFO Advisory, we deal with the challenges on the mind of the CFO of our clients. From integrated business planning and insightful reporting to efficient processes and controls, and strategy and transformation. I find it especially rewarding that the nature of our work allows us to touch upon a wide range of topics, while still focusing on the financial aspect of the organisation.

Merve Dal
Senior Manager in CFO Advisory

CFO Services

As part of the CFO Services team, you can work from both our Copenhagen and Aarhus office. Our work extends beyond optimising and enhancing our clients' finance functions. We make a real impact by also providing operational assistance and interim support on all levels. Our focus is mainly on digital development projects by automating processes using tools like Power BI and Power Apps.

When you join CFO Services at the start of your professional career, you will join our 5-year training programme, called the CFO Academy. Complementing KPMG's core curriculum, the CFO Academy is designed to ensure you continuously develop your skills and allows you to specialise within the areas you feel passionate about.