What do we work with in Financial Services Advisory?

The Financial Services Advisory team assists diverse financial institutions, from banks to insurance companies, pension funds to capital markets. Our expertise helps our clients navigate market changes related to regulations, risks or emerging market trends. We create tangible benefits for our clients and drive their business growth. Our work starts in the boardroom and moves to every corner of the organisation. We collaborate very closely with our clients to identify strategic, operational, compliance, financial or reputational risks.

We have four competency areas in Financial Services Advisory to empower each team member to thrive in their area of expertise, leveraging their competencies, skills and knowledge to the fullest. The four areas are Financial Services Digital, Forensics, Risk and Compliance, and Actuary Services. You can read more about each of the competency areas below.

Financial Services Digital

The Financial Services Digital team helps our clients to anchor and deploy their strategy across business units and we enable the changes required to align operating models to the financial targets and strategic objectives. We help our clients transform while considering potential implications for new tech implementations by having change management in mind. Our work improves the client's performance, visibility and control of the long-term operating impact of the strategy.


Our colleagues in the Forensics team work with fraud risk management and anti-money laundering. We assess risk procedures to detect and prevent fraud, and we also help our clients to ensure an ethical climate in their organisations. Within Forensics, we dive into anti-money laundering procedures, offer expert advice and empower our clients to handle issues, related to those topics, with confidence.

Risk & Compliance

The Risk and Compliance team works with end-to-end governance risk and compliance transformations. We start with defining the initial vision and strategy, followed by determining the relevant solution and finally support running the transformations and change management processes. We also work with the implementation of advanced modelling techniques to elevate the data for risk analyses. It helps our clients meet their risk and compliance obligations as well as measure and mitigate risks and opportunities.

Actuary Services

Our Actuary Services team assists insurance companies on many different actuary challenges. We, for instance, have specialists within general insurance, life insurance and pension. On top of working with the classical actuarial disciplines, we develop our colleagues' skills in implementing core policy and claim handling systems, due diligence, risk management, governance, actuarial function responsibilities, product development and validation and valuation engagements.