What do we work with in IT Audit?

The IT Audit team is passionate about IT compliance, and we work with clients across various industries. Our primary focus is providing assurance reports on several topics. We report on general IT controls in an outsourcing environment to inform our clients on the effectiveness of their controls in an outsourcing setup. Furthermore, we evaluate our clients' controls within applications and processes to ensure they are effective and mitigate risks. Our team also ensures GDPR compliance.

Lastly, our team also ensures GDPR compliance, performs service organisation controls and evaluates the controls related to data confidentiality, integrity, availability, privacy, and security.

Our IT auditors collaborate closely with the financial auditors when they perform IT audits. An IT audit gives our auditors insights into complex IT organisations and identify IT risks, particularly related to automated controls. We all have specialised knowledge in various sectors, from IT service providers and tech and software solutions to insurance and banking, manufacturing, and shipping, oil and gas industries.