What do we work with in MidMarket?

The MidMarket team is the largest service line in our Audit function. We offer audit services to medium-sized and growth-oriented organisations, which means that we have a very diverse client portfolio. Our colleagues generally specialise in a specific area, or areas of expertise, for example, family-owned businesses, real estate, foundations, public institutions or venture and start-up services.

The MidMarket team mostly spends shorter periods of time on the same client. We conduct audits, advise our clients on various matters, prepare their financial statements and calculate their taxes. Spending a shorter amount of time on each client means that our colleagues get the opportunity to be part of different audit teams and learn from and share knowledge with colleagues from different areas of expertise.

If you dream of one day becoming a state-authorised public accountant, there is also the option of becoming part of our SR Academy, which is a programme we offer to our employees who choose to study to become a state-authorised public accountant.

I like working in MidMarket’s start-up team. You get to be a part of a start-up ecosystem, where you get to work with clients with great ideas, and to meet upcoming entrepreneurs and venture capital investors. We support early-stage start-ups and help them grow. This is where you really make a difference for other people and that’s what makes working in MidMarket so great.

Lea Sømod
Assistant in Audit MidMarket